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Outlook.com - new email service by Microsoft

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Microsoft's new email service Outlook.com
Microsoft has started new email web portal Outlook.com by the name of its popular email client which is included with the each version of Microsoft Office.By launching this service Microsoft is targeting Google's most popular email service Gmail.
Oulook.com is modified version of Hotmail.It is made more user friendly and more features are added to it.At present all Hotmail / Live user can login to outlook.com and can continue to send or receive there messages from @hotmail.com or @live.com.User can also upgrade the account and use same username/password to login.All their information like mails,contacts,calendar will still be available in the new account.Company is also planning to upgrade all the account in future.

Outlook email service by Microsoft includes virtually unlimited storage and integrate the video chat service "Skype" that Microsoft bought last year.This will enhance the user experience for video chat.
User also have the option to integrate with Facebook.com and Twitter.com.You can easily get your friend in outlook from Facebook or Twitter.This option is not provided by Gmail.
Unlike Hotmail,the new service will have lesser or no advertisement.As company is saying there would not be display advertisements.People who use Hotmail were complaining about banner advertisement as those were annoying people.If this is true than it could be a great email service.

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