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Facebook Starts Video Calling

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Facebook Starts Video Calling

Facebook Video Calling

Facebook has started video calling.Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to give a surprise to Facebook users on 6th July.We predicted it before that it could be video calling with the help of Skype integration.

Now Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced the video calling feature available on Facebook.
How to make a Video Call in Facebook
Below are simple steps to make a video call on Facebook

1)The first time you try to video chat someone or answer a Video call, you will asked to download a program.
2)After the download is complete,install the program (It is Facebook Video call plugin installer)
3)The chat window will then ask you to select some Flash settings.
4)After that, the feature works like “a mini-Skype client”.(see the image above)
5)you can also record a video message if the person you’re calling doesn’t answer.

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