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Get Your Own Google+ Vanity URL

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Get Your Own Google+ Vanity URL

Get Your Own Google+ Vanity URL

Google plus is launched and is available only by invitation.If you are invited to Google Plus and have created a account than you might have noticed that unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ doesn’t offer vanity URLs for user profiles
For example for Twitter our blog has following vanity URL

Google uses a long string of numbers to denote users.This is used for security reasons so that spammers could not figure out your email address.

This string is helpful in saving your email ID from spammers on the other hand it creates difficulty for you to remember it or sharing it.You have to be carefull while typing or sharing this string with your friends to find your Google+ Profile.
Solution of this problem is Gplus.to. This simple little app lets you create a short URL for your Google+ page, making it easy to share with your friends.

Gplus.to fills a gap that Google+ doesn’t currently address. Should Google give users the ability to create vanity URLs, or is it too much of a privacy concern because of its connection to Gmail? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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